Camila Galofre with artwork at the RAW artists showcase. Photo courtesy of Camila Galofre

Whether you are a Studio Art major, have visited one of the art buildings, or are a fresh face at Colorado College, you will ultimately find that the student population has a wealth of eclectic, creative, and artistic students.

On Thursday, July 26 at the Union Station Bar, two senior Studio Art majors, Lila Pickus and Camila Galofre, participated in a local artist showcase sponsored by RAW, an organization that supports artists who are in their first 10 years of production.

“This showcase is a great experience for up-and-coming artists. It provides exposure to a wider artistic community,” Pickus said.

In the past year, RAW, which originated in Southern California in 2009, has expanded to 65 cities across the United States, and to its first international location in Brisbane, Australia. These events feature a variety of artists from filmmakers to fashion designers, musicians, visual artists, performing artists, hairstylists, and makeup artists, to name a few. RAW events are held monthly in participating cities.

As a young artist looking for exposure, Pickus first discovered the organization on Craigslist back in June.

“I was actually looking for jobs and I just searched art and the RAW event in Colorado Springs came up.”

She recruited Galofre, a friend and fellow art student, to join her in the endeavor. The two began enlisting supporters through social networking media and word-of-mouth for the July event. Each had to collect 20 sponsorships to be included in the show.

Pickus featured about 15 prints and a couple paintings in the show. The majority of Pickus’ featured prints and paintings were created in studio classes and a few pieces were constructed in her own free time.

Galofre showed five charcoal and pencil drawings, primarily based on her interpretations of the natural world.

“Having the chance to see what goes into putting on a show and the experience of having people I don’t know see my work was the most rewarding aspect,” Pickus said.

Galofre said she enjoyed meeting other local artists and felt very supported in promoting her art.

The community aspect of the organization played a key role in how Pickus and Galofre felt it was a success. And the best part? “The exposure to an arts community was beneficial,” Pickus said. “And becoming a part of the RAW community doesn’t end after the show.”


Meg McDermott

Guest Writer

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